traceable liquid standards for HPLC detectors and spectrophotometric flow systems.
Difficulties with calibrating UV-Visible instrumentation like HPLC detectors and spectrophotometers that use flow or microcells are overcome with the new Traceable Liquid Standards. A typical problem is that most HPLC detection is done in the UV region, where calibrations made (in the visible) with conventional glass neutral density filters may not be valid. Similarly spectrophotometer calibrations made at full aperture may not be acceptable when the beam is masked by flow cells or microcells.

standards enable a holistic approach to instrument qualification by allowing calibration using the same flow cell, sipper system or other sampling accessory used in the actual analysis. Different standards are available to check wavelength accuracy or absorbance linearity in the UV region, or in UV and visible region. Standards are traceable to NPL and NIST Certified Reference Materials.